BuyWay 2 – The Precision Valley Buyway

buyway2This route follows The Connecticut River from White River Jct. to Springfield, then heads west to Chester and back to Bellows Falls . You will pass through historic towns that were key in the establishment and independence of early Vermont as well as in the development of America’s machine tooling industry. In Towns such as Quechee, Woodstock, Windsor and Chester, you will find some of Vermont’s most historic sites, where optimal water power nurtured several of the states most important industries. The Precision Valley Buyway connects many quality shops and can include some very interesting historic visits, in what is the earliest settled and developed area of The Green Mountain State.

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Suggested Route of Travel: This excursion begins in White River Jct., once Vermont’s major railway hub and still a major crossroads. After exploring the shops downtown near the historic depot, follow Rt. 4 west to Quechee, then on to Woodstock, one of the most historic and beautiful villages in Vt. Once you have visited the shops and sites there, take Rt. 4 east back to the intersection with Rt. 12. turn right onto Rt. 12, heading east to US Rt. 5, then turn right following it south to Windsor. There you may choose to turn left and cross the amazing Windsor/Cornish covered bridge, the nations longest and the only one remaining spanning the Connecticut River. On the New Hampshire side you can turn left to visit to the beautiful and historic St. Gaudens Estate, in 1900 the center of the Cornish artist colony (and an ideal spot for a picnic lunch), or after recrossing the bridge, head south on Rt. 5 to Vt. Rt. 143 in Weathersfield. This will lead you to Springfield where you will merge with Vt. Rt. 11, following it west to Chester.  Once you have finished exploring Chester, take Vt. Rt. 103 south to Bellows Falls.

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