BuyWay 3 -The Molly Stark BuyWay

buyway3This scenic route, named for the dynamic and colorful wife of Revolutionary War hero, John Stark, follows Rt. 9 from Brattleboro to Bennington, Vermont’s two most important southern cities. Both cities have interesting downtown areas with several antique shops, gift shops and restaurants. Rt. 9 is one of Vermont’s most important east/west highways and is both scenic and historic. The mountain towns of Wilmington and Marlboro are picture perfect and well worth visiting.

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Suggested Route of Travel: This excursions follows Vt. Rt. 9, connecting Vermont’s two major southern cities Brattleboro and Bennington and can be traveled in either direction. You begin by exploring the historic downtown of one city and finish by exploring the downtown area of the other.  In between, Rt. 9 takes you up and over the spine of the Green Mountains, with amazing scenery and visits to the historic towns of Marlboro and Wilmington. In addition to it’s lovely downtown area, Bennington is home to several interesting historic sites. This excursion requires less driving, allowing  more time to visit shops and historic sites.

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