BuyWay 4 – The Yorkers BuyWay

buyway4This route follows US Rt. 7 from Bennington to Rutland, traveling through the valley that was first settled by homesteaders from New York, setting up the conflict with those who had first settled on the New Hampshire side that resulted in the organization of the Green Mountain Boys, and ultimately, Vermont’s independence. It travels through many historic small towns such as Arlington, Dorset and Danby, as well as Manchester, Vermont’s outlet center and home to the historic Equinox Hotel and the Lincoln family home Hildene.

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Suggested Route of Travel: This excursions follows US Rt. 7 connecting Bennington and Rutland, and can also be taken in either direction.  We encourage you to take the more scenic Rt. 7A option whenever possible, which will bring you into the center of the historic villages. We also recommend that you follow Vt. Rt. 67 and 67A which will take you through North Bennington, with a possible visit to the Park/McCullough House and several iconic covered bridges. In Manchester spend extra time visiting the lovely and historic Lincoln home Hildene, the scenic Skyway drive or if shopping is your preference, the many outlet stores.

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