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vermont3Like elsewhere in America, online sales, the economic downturn, the aging of dealers and the changes in trends over the last decade has resulted in a significant decrease in the number of antique shops found in Vermont. The 200 or so dealers left are committed to working together in leading the industry into the future, while maintaining the unique character and charm of the past. To achieve this,  a group of Central Vermont antique dealers came together in 2015 in hopes of nurturing Vermont’s long tradition of antique tourism. Funded by a federal USDA grant, The Barre Antiques Cooperative was formed, and after opening three new shops in Barre, firmly establishing the Granite City’s reputation as Vermont’s premier antique center, The BAC proceeded in developing The Vermont Antique BuyWays concept. In addition to serving as a clearing house for everything antiques in Vermont, the goal of this web site is to provide current information and guidance to those looking to come to Vermont in search of the ultimate Vermont Antique Hunting Experience. Thanks to grant funding, there is no charge to be listed on this site, thus we have made every effort to include everyone and everything connected to the antique trade in Vermont. Because it was created by antique dealers themselves, you can be assured that the information is well informed and comprehensive.

We are based out of Barre, one of Vermont’s most colorful and historic cities and long an important player in the state’s antique trade. Ideally situated in the heart of Vermont, at the crossroads of several major tourist routes, it serves as the perfect location to base a multi-day antique holiday.


Pierre Couture, the founder of the Barre Antiques Cooperative and the Vermont Antique Buyways concept. Barre native Pierre Couture is a life long collector of antiques and promoter of Vermont made products. For 30 years he worked with Vermont craftsmen and artisans in developing national markets for their unique creations, traveling statewide and gaining an intimate knowledge of Vermont’s back roads and hidden treasures. Ten years ago, he returned to the dairy farm he grew up on and opened The Lodge at Millstone Hill, an Adirondack inspired bed and breakfast, located on Millstone Hill, the site of Barre’s famed granite quarries.

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In 1900 seventy five independent quarries were located on Millstone Hill,  covering nearly 1500 acres and giving employment to nearly 3,000 men. By the time Pierre grew up on this land, after years of consolidation, only a handful of active quarry sites remained.  What had once been the largest industrial waste site in Vermont was gradually being reclaimed by nature as the quarries filled with water and the returning forest slowly swallowed up the giant waste rock piles and evocative industrial ruins left behind. Over the last decade he has led a community effort to preserve this unique historic site, now recognized as Vermont’s Man Made Natural Wonder.  In 2013 nearly 400 acres were purchased and put into preservation as  the Barre Town Forest, with 50 miles of recreational trails and dozens of historic interpretive signs. Five years ago, he created the RockFire Festival, now one of Vermont’s Top Ten Summer Events, and the major fundraiser in the continuing efforts to preserve more of Millstone Hill.

In 2015, Pierre decided to combine his passion for history, antiques and community development, by approaching Vermont antique dealers, the local Barre business community and Vermont tourism officials, with the concept of The Vermont Antique BuyWays, in an effort to work together to revive Vermont’s long tradition of antique tourism. A significant USDA Rural Development grant was applied for and obtained. The goal of the concept is three fold: 1) to brand Barre, long a major player in Vermont’s antique trade, as Vermont’s primary antique center, 2) to establish and brand the Winooski River Valley as Vermont’s premier antiques corridor, and 3) to map out convenient day trips throughout Vermont centered on antiquing, using current information and technology, in hope of promoting Vermont’s antique industry.

Pierre invites you to come to Barre and share with him his passion for antiques and the unique and colorful history of Vermont and its Granite City.  He would love to host you at any of the three lodging choices he offers at Millstone Hill, The Lodge, The Farm or The Barn, and over breakfast answer your questions concerning Vermont antiquing and the many hidden treasures and adventures to be found on Millstone Hill and throughout The Green Mountain State.